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ACI Services

ACI Services

ACI is committed to continuously improve the quality of its services to better satisfy the needs and expectations of its industrial/manufacturing members that covers fifteen specialized sub-sectors; and to deliver to them, on time and every time, defect-free services. 

Its constitutional Mission is to enhance Jordan’s prosperity through creation of products and services for a competitive global market.  Under these meaningful  mottos, the Chamber performs a wide array of services that revolves around the following aspects:

  • Serves the needs and represents the interests of its members
  • Advocate industrial related issues
  • The promotion of SMEs in foreign markets, and helping them in import-export activities
  • Facilitates networking and cooperation for members with local, regional and international institutions and counterparts
  • Promotes Jordanian products in the local and export markets
  • Enhances technical and managerial skills of member companies
  • Fosters international trade requirement awareness
  • Improves production quality
  • Offers consultancy and provides advice services to both members and investors
  • Maintaining database of Jordanian industrial enterprises and generating information intended to fulfill both national and international demands
  • Carrying out market surveys and conducting researches/studies
  • Operates an institutionally and financially sustainable organization


ACI Services
ACI Services
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